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Introducing ICHTHYS Press

We’re pleased to present our latest venture—ICHTHYS Press. Through ICHTHYS Press, Lime Creative plans to publish a series of Bible study and reflection companion books. When studying scripture or listening to a sermon, I often found myself running out of space  in the margins for my notes, thoughts, and questions. My highlighters bled through through the tissue-thin pages. And there was certainly not enough space for the sketchnotes and illustrations I often create as I […]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

By Any Other Name

Laure vs. Laura We’re heading into year SIXTEEN, so I guess it’s about time I cleared this up. It’s a whole story, but here are the bullet points: My given name is Laura, with an A. There were many, many other Lauras born in the second half of the 20th century until the early 1990s when the Jessicas, Ashleys, and Emilys took over. Being the “creative type”, I decided to change the spelling of my […]

10 Evergreen Social Media Posts for Nonprofits

10 Evergreen Social Media Posts for Nonprofits

If you’re the marketing or advancement director for your small nonprofit organization, you may sometimes struggle to decide what to post on social media1. It’s easier when you have a specific project, capital campaign, or event to talk about… but what about the “regular” times when there’s nothing timely to post about? Worry no more; we’ve got your back. Many nonprofit organizations have a target demographic for their social media accounts that can be divided […]

Project Highlight: Award-Winning Seasonal Newsletter

Client: Masterpiece Marketing Project Type: Magazine/Newsletter Strategy & Copywriting: Masterpiece Marketing Design: Lime Creative We’ve been blessed to be able to partner with Masterpiece Marketing for over a decade to design and develop hundreds of projects for nonprofits and businesses of all sizes. Their long-time client publishes a seasonal newsletter in the form of a 12- or 16-page magazine. Each issue is themed; this one from Spring 2018 was superhero themed. It turned out so […]

Q&A #3: What’s the difference between JPG, GIF, and PNG?

QUESTION: What’s the difference between JPG, GIF, and PNG? Short Answer: JPG, GIF, and PNG are formats for compressing and saving images. Each has a unique, useful set of traits that are handy for making different kinds of photos, graphics, and other imagery into files that work online. A well-done but really long and complicated answer is available on Stack Overflow (please note that several of the graphics below are from that post as well). […]