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Since 2007, we’ve been working to rid the world of terrible design, disorganized branding, dysfunctional websites, and other mistakes that may be keeping you from meeting your goals.

Logos & Branding

Every organization—large or small—needs an identity that’s more than a few colors and shapes.

It’s how you tell people who you are.

A well-executed brand communicates a set of organizational “personality” traits through the colors, logo, typefaces, words, images, and graphic style.

Our proven brand development and logo design process will help you to discover, define, and showcase your organization’s personality!


In a digital world, effective design for printed items needs to be more than beautiful—it needs to tell your story.

Brochures, business cards, stationery, event invitations, magazines, newsletters, postcards & direct mail, flyers, posters, and more! If it’s printed on paper (cardboard, vinyl, magnets, stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, or just about anything else), we can design it!

Web & Interactive

Whether you’re in need of a completely custom website design or we’re starting with a blank template, we’re all about customizing the look, structure, and functions of your site to fit precisely what you or your organization needs.

From mapping a strategy for structure to crafting a unique design and style, we work to cut through the noise so your site can tell your audience what you need them to hear.

Book Design

Got a finished (or nearly-finished) manuscript? Whether you have a fiction, non-fiction, workbook, e-books, paperback or hardcover, magazine, or booklet project for us, we’ve done it all!

We can also refer you to a manuscript editor, help you set up your self-publishing accounts at a variety of vendors, create a simple book trailer video, and consult on book marketing strategies and advertising.

Why Choose Lime?

There are lots of great reasons to work with us. One reason is that we’re really good at what we do. Another is that we sometimes bring donuts to our meetings.

30+ Years Experience

We’ve been designing, writing, programming, strategizing, researching, and learning this business since our founding in 2007 (and before that too!). We’re in this business because we love it, and we’re passionate about making our creativity work for you.

Effective Collaboration

We can work effectively and efficiently with your in-house marketing team, your freelancer or contractor, your volunteer advancement director, your board of directors, or whoever needs to be part of the decision-making process. 

Clients Love Us

Our clients keep coming back—some for over a decade! Check out our testimonials page for a few quotes and stories from organizations and individuals we’ve worked with for everything from a simple project to 10+ years of brand-building!

Woman-Owned, Family-Run

Agencies founded by women make up only 0.1% of all agencies in the US,1 and only 3% of creative directors are women?2 When you choose Lime Creative, you’re supporting women in creative leadership!

PLUS, we’re family-run, so your patronage pays a mortgage, puts food on a table, and buys shoes (and LEGOs).

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  3. There is no third citation to put here. We just wanted to say heyyyyy to our fellow nerds who read the footnotes.

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