Project Highlight: Award-Winning Seasonal Newsletter

Masterpiece Marketing

Project Type: Magazine/Newsletter

Strategy & Copywriting: Masterpiece Marketing

Design: Lime Creative

We’ve been blessed to be able to partner with Masterpiece Marketing for over a decade to design and develop hundreds of projects for nonprofits and businesses of all sizes.

Their long-time client publishes a seasonal newsletter in the form of a 12- or 16-page magazine. Each issue is themed; this one from Spring 2018 was superhero themed. It turned out so well that Masterpiece entered it into the 2018 Stevie Awards, and it was awarded a Bronze Medal!

Selected Project Highlights:

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About the Author

Laura Kline

Laura Kline is a graphic designer and communications specialist. She has a master's degree in media design and over 18 years of experience working with agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

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