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FREE eBook 7/8-7/12

If you’re my client already, you don’t need this book. But if you are looking for a graphic designer for your nonprofit and aren’t sure where to start… this is a great resource! And this week, it’s FREE! (Also, I wrote it, so there’s that.) No Kindle? No worries. Email, and I’ll send you a PDF! Get it on Amazon NOW

Passwords and 2FA: Don’t Neglect Your Data (Part 1)

I don’t need to take a poll to know that small nonprofits and ministries don’t have the workforce to keep track of every detail and stay on top of every piece of information that’s all around you. It’s a common problem! Whether you’re the director of development/website manager/social media content developer/major gifts officer/email marketer/anything else that comes up person or you’re lucky enough to have just one job at your organization, it can feel daunting […]

Top 5 AI-Powered Social Media Tools for Nonprofits (AI for Nonprofits: Part 2)

To help your nonprofit maximize its social media presence and create lasting connections, we’re here to introduce you to five AI-powered social media tools. With the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), these tools are designed to save you time, simplify your social media management, boost engagement, and help your organization shine in the digital realm.