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Happy International Lime Day!

March 10 is International Lime Day, a day set aside to—for no apparent reason—celebrate limes.

For obvious reasons, I’m a fan of limes. But most people don’t know that the names of Lime Creative and LimeAid actually come from the color lime green, rather than the fruit.

Back when I was first starting out in my career, I had a lime green blazer. 

This was 2005, mind you, so enjoy this throw-back selfie of me with my then-boyfriend-and-future-husband-slash-business-partner Joel.

Highlights of this photo include my signature black eyeliner paired with silver eye shadow and the glaring lack of wrinkles life experience.

So, what does the blazer have to do with the name of my business?

When I first started this company in 2006, it was called Axiom Design|Works; I focused mainly on graphic design for print, some logos, and a lot of event invitations (weddings, parties, etc). By 2010, Joel and I were married and had begun to partner on more web- and video-related projects, so we decided to change the name of the company to something that was broader than “design” that would encompass all things “creative”.

In my months of brainstorming, I kept coming back to Lime Creative—simple, clean, and an easy visual.

For me, the “lime” made me think of my old bright green blazer. Whenever I wore it, people took notice, complimented me on it, and remembered it the next time. These were things I also wanted for my company—striking, unique, memorable. I also liked that I could make a play-on-words with LimeAid (limeade)—a project that was in my head in its infancy, even back then.

So, we became Lime Creative.

And here we are almost 14 years into using the name, and it still works and has meaning for me.

In a bit of serendipity, in addition to being a great launching pad for LimeAid,  Lime also played perfectly into another passion project—ICHTHYS Press

Read more about that here, but check out this sneak peek into how “lime” imagery fits seamlessly into the logo for a word that means… “fish” in Greek.

Celebrate Lime Day

In the spirit of celebrating limes “for no apparent reason”, I’ve curated a set of lime-related products which are available at Etsy. These aren’t referral links; I just liked them and thought you might like them too! 

Treat yourself to something lime-related in honor of this special day:

Did You Know?

"Limey" is old slang for a British sailor or British ship because British sailors were required by law to drive lime juice to ward off scurvy. We're not exactly sure why that was considered an insult... You'd think being known for smartly avoiding scurvy would have been a positive!

And if you’ve made it this far, here are links to my three favorite recipes that include lime juice as an ingredient:


Happy Lime Day 2024!

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