Do you know what the Chromostereopsis Effect is?

Every specialty has its own insider lingo, and graphic design is no different… We’ve got some jargon! Let’s hear your guesses (Hey, cheater, no Google searching).

What do you think “the chromostereopsis effect” means?

(If you don’t see your four options just above this line, refresh the page. You may have an overactive security plugin on your browser.)

So, how did you do?

Working with a knowledgeable designer is key to getting the results you need.

There are plenty of beginners and DIYers, Canva experts, and people who “know Photoshop” in the world who can deliver a finished product. But don’t settle for a $5 logo or a $15/month template website, when your business goals or organization’s vision are worth so much more.

With nearly 20 years of experience (and a more-than-passing-interest in color theory), we know all the jargon (and we can explain it if you want us to)… We know all the rules, so we know when to break them, when to use them, and when to say “time for new rules”.

I have nothing against beginners and DIY-ers! Sometimes that’s where you are. (It’s where I was too at first). Here’s a whole blog post we wrote to help you learn about the chromostereopsis effect, how to avoid it, and how to fix it:

Ready to level up?

Contact us for details about how we can use what we know to help your organization grow!

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Laura Kline is a graphic designer and communications specialist. She has a master's degree in media design and over 18 years of experience working with agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

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