“How many times have you been so satisfied and happy to pay a bill from a contractor that you wanted to send a gift or take them out to lunch afterwards? That was my experience with Lime Creative.

Their experience and professionalism combined with her moral commitments and reasonable price structure are hard to beat. Lime’s vision and plan for what we needed—and what it should cost to accomplish it—were right on. I was aware of some problems that we wanted to improve, but Lime was aware of problems that I didn’t even know existed. It was comforting to be working with someone who could lead and guide you within your budget to help your organization.

No one can know for sure in advance everything that will come up while working together, but Lime Creative over-delivered on their initial promises.”

Jim Ludwig
LifePAC  |  Butler, PA

Website strategy, website development, website template styling, consulting

“Lime has helped WeeUsables grow from its infancy to the event it is today. They have tackled every creative project I’ve thrown their way from the website design, business cards, coupons, shopper maps, to t-shirts. I know they understand my business and what we need visually to make an impact in the marketplace. I highly recommend Lime Creative’s services.”

Lori Hartmann-Borris
WeeUsables Consignment Event  |  Lancaster, PA

Website design & development, website maintenance & support, business card, postcards, flyers, shopper maps, floor plan layouts, coupons, t-shirts, large banners, interior & exterior signage, social media graphics, web ads, newspaper ads

“The wonderful people at Lime Creative are not only good at what they do—prompt and efficient, conscientious and talented—but they give back to the community!

They were kind enough to provide our nonprofit organization with a beautifully designed website and are always available immediately when we need technical support!”

Nikki Bruni
40 Days for Life  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Website design & development, website maintenance & support

“No account is too small for Lime Creative. Period.

Flash back to the beginning. AzarÉl Greetings is a small photography business that goes to craft shows. The photographic specialty? Birds perching on vintage items. (What on earth is that???)

Lime Creative clearly shows who we are on our gorgeous splash page: www.AzarEl.biz. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Lime Creative designed beautiful business cards. The side with business information perfectly captures our persona. People love choosing between five different AzarÉl photos on the other side. Once again, Lime Creative nailed it! […]

Let’s face it, wall décor (…even beautiful, unique décor) is like a mouth-watering dessert beside the meat-and-potatoes that feeds the family. In spite of the economy, we’re growing steadily thanks to Lime Creative. Lime Creative nurtured us from the start and continues to give us dependable, creative direction.

Thanks, Lime Creative!”

Donna Young
AzarÉl Greetings | Reinholds, PA

Logo & brand development, Etsy shop graphics, business cards, photo editing, email blasts, web ads, website splash page

“Not only did Lime Creative develop an awesome website for our church, but the journey to get there was also a blessing.

They understood our budget, listened to our requests, gave us terrific recommendations, and then ran with it. They were patient, professional, and produced a wonderful product.”

Pastor Jeremy Whipkey
New Life Presbyterian Church
Harrison City, PA

Logo design, website design & development, website maintenance & support

What an awesome website Lime created! I am more than pleased, as the Lime team went above and beyond what I could have imagined.

It’s professional, eye-catching, user-friendly, and informative: perfect for what I want to accomplish with an online presence for my business. Thanks for the stellar work!”

John David Kudrick
Book Editor | Level Green, PA

Website design & development, website maintenance & support, business card design, blog post graphics