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We help under-resourced ministries grow through no-cost creativity and communications solutions

Our No-Cost Services

Many small nonprofits struggle without the creative expertise they need to grow.

They can’t afford to keep seasoned graphic designers, marketing specialists, web developers, or other communications professionals on staff. Their fundraising is slow and labor-intensive, their website is outdated, and the people who would love to support them don’t even know they exist.

No-cost Creative Support

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Logo Development & Branding
  • Event Branding & Invitations
  • Newsletters & Annual Reports
  • Capital Campaigns
  • ... and more!

No-Cost Strategy Consultations

  • Donor Communications Planning
  • Naming & Brand Strategy
  • Event Promotion Strategy
  • Website Structure Planning
  • Website Management Training
  • Social Media Strategy
  • ... and more!

No-cost Donor Communication Support

  • Email List Management Setup
  • Online Donations Setup
  • Donor Thank You Mailers
  • Copywriting, Editing, & Proofreading
  • Donor Website Setup & Management
  • ... and more!

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Current Projects

How It Works

Three groups of people make LimeAid work:

(We almost went with a juicer + lime + limeade beverage metaphor here, but the rocket one just works better.)


One-time and monthly LimeAid project supporters provide the FUEL that can make amazing things happen for Christ-centered nonprofits and ministries!

Donors Make It happen

You get a front-row seat to watch nonprofit organizations you care about boost their reach and effectiveness.
Active Projects

Lime Creative

The experts at Lime Creative provide the creative SPARK at the right moment, in the right way to get things moving.

About Us

Since 2005, Lime Creative founder Laura Kline has been working with ministries and nonprofits to create, well, just about anything they need to build their organization.
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3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF! Time to launch our partner ministries toward their goals and keep that fire burning for the whole mission.

Ready for your own countdown?

Apply today to receive FREE creative and communications support, brought to you by Lime Creative and a whole team of patrons who care about your mission.
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Supporters Make It Happen

help launch a small nonprofit toward their goals

We use GiveSendGo to manage donations and project campaigns.

When you give to LimeAid as a one-time or monthly supporter, the Lime Creative team gives away their time and talents to Christ-centered ministries and nonprofits for FREE. Your dollars are doubled! For every HOUR funded, we’ll donate an extra HOUR of creative and consulting services. (It’s a “BOGO” situation.)

Ministries get to keep their direct funding dollars focused on pursuing the mission.

Your one-time or monthly donation goes toward boosting the reach and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations you care about.

Lime Creative team gets to do meaningful work for worthy causes while still feeding their families and paying the mortgage.

You get a front-row seat the watch amazing things happen! We'll post updates about how things are going to you can see your support dollars at work with our Partner organizations.

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Apply for Support

Registered nonprofit organizations and ministries can apply online for FREE creative & communication services from the experts at Lime Creative.

Nonprofit Application

Eligibility requirements:

  • Organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or church in the United States or, if based outside the US, hold the equivalent nonprofit/NGO certification in their own country.
  • Organization’s annual revenue must not exceed $500,000 USD.
  • Organization’s Statement of faith must be aligned with LimeAid values.
  • Completed application (below).
  • If organization is approved and selected to receive support, organizational leadership (executive director, president, board chairperson, etc.) must sign LimeAid Partnership Agreement. A sample agreement is available upon request.

About Us

LimeAid℠ is a project of Lime Creative.

We help nonprofits and small businesses speak clearly, create connection, and inspire action.

P. O. Box 5175, Lancaster, PA 17606

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